NothingEverNew and Breaking Through

Kyle Robinson NothingEverNew Atlanta Band

Hi! My name is Kyle Robinson and I write music, record and perform with my band, NothingEverNew. We’re based out of Atlanta and play uplifting, Christian-themed music with a modern rock feel. Our first album, Breaking Through, came out in fall 2013 and features 10 new tracks dedicated to everyone who recognizes the common pains, challenges, and joys we face on our journey together. Whether you feel like you’re drifting or learning how to close your eyes, we hope Breaking Through can help you find some of the comfort and peace you’re seeking, wherever you are in your spiritual or physical life. Please check us out on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, or our official home page. We also have a new band page on Jango. Welcome all!

Kyle Robinson Ready to Play in Atlanta