In 1991, Nirvana released it’s album ‘Nevermind’ that set alternative rock as the noise, icon-smashing descendent of punk rock, and ultimately into the commercial mainstream. The album sold nearly 10 million copies worldwide and knocked Michael Jackson off the top of the charts.

Nirvana set the tone for the 90’s music scene, not only with their music and message, but also their style as well. Donned in thrift-shop plaid shirts and ripped jeans, designers soon mimicked what Kurt Cobain and the members of his band wore. The band members raged against the material, synthetic, and cookie-cutter trappings of pop music.

Their sound was a mixture that was close to both the fury of punk rock and the melodic effects of the Beatles. Nirvana’s popularity showed that grunge was not only acceptable, but also helped bring out many other bands that were considered to be far too raw for mainstream listeners.

“Nirvana will be remembered for revolutionizing the state of rock n’ roll in the 1990’s, pulling it away form a processed, rather synthetic sound and returning it to something more sincere,” says Michael Azerrad, author of “Come as You Are: The Story of Nirvana,” which was published last year by Doubleday.

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